Call to set up Kwikila alumnae


KWIKILA Secondary School in Rigo is one of the oldest schools in Central.
It has produced so many prominent people in Central who have now become key personnel in their field of responsibilities.
One such person who came out from Kwikila Secondary School is our Rigo MP, retired Captain Lekwa Gure.
The school was formerly known as Kwikila High School until it got its secondary status in 2001.
Kwikila was a school that prided itself on high academic standards from the colonial days until the late 1980s.
From the early 1990s until now, Kwikila is not like what it used to be.
Academic standards and environment have gone from bad to worse. Students find it difficult to concentrate on their studies because of the living conditions.
The mess, dormitories and classrooms must be urgently improved for students to keep up with their studies.
I call on all former Kwikila students to come together and revive our school’s glory days.
Let us not wait for funding from government or expect miracles to happen.
It is better to set up a fundraising committee to raise funds to rebuild our school.
It is through education that we will build a better future.
All former students should come together to setup a Kwikila alumnae for our future generations.

Rigo Melo
[email protected]

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  • Please Let’s work together to build back our only secondary school in Rigo District

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