Calls to probe ministry


ENCOURAGE the Prime Minister James Marape to visit the Ministry of Commerce and Industry in his rounds and demand the delivery of Industrialisation and Manufacturing Policy and Master Plan including a Local/National Content policy. It’s over two years under the same minister and there should be no excuse whatsoever for non-delivery of those bridging pillar policies and plans for the country.
Without these guiding polices, PNG has been way off track and has been a dumping ground for inferior products, thus only draining foreign exchange and supporting jobs and taxes in importing country of origin at the expense of PNG and its people.
Let me remind readers that all developing countries aspire to graduate into a newly industrialised country in the middle income category level.
There is no other yard stick to measure PNG’s level of development without any baseline bridging policy pillar between primary and tertiary industries sectors.
If need be, heads should roll as PNG is bigger than all those people who are draining public resources with nothing to show for so far.

Observer NCD

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