Can PNG win race to host 2015 Games?

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday 21st November 2011

THE race to get ready for the 2015 South Pacific Games is on.
The question is can we win the race?
NCD Governor Powes Parkop is rightly concerned with the preparation for the games.
There are many things that need to start moving.
Otherwise, we will be put ourselves under extreme pressure to deliver. 
We are passionate about sports.
The 1991 SP Games was an outstanding achievement.
We were able to satisfy the expectations of those who took part in the games.
What we need is one body that can oversee the preparations.
This body needs to be sanctioned by the national government so it can go ahead and run the affairs of the games until 2016, a year after the games.
It is not in our interest to have either the PNG Sports Federation or the PNG Sports Foundation to be responsible for the games. 
Yes, those in the know can argue that PNG Sports Federation is responsible under the SP Games charter.
However, given its responsibilities of overseeing the Olympic and Commonwealth Games in addition to SP Games, it is best the responsibility of the 2015 games be given to someone else.
It should be headed by a team of experienced individuals in the business of running major events.
In 1991, we had the likes of the late Vili Maha and Andy Seward, who headed a smart team of dedicated and hardworking personnel.
They were fully supported by the SP Games Foundation board chaired initially by the late Sir Anthony Siaguru and later by Bart Philemon.
The success of the 2015 games now depends on those in the position to establish the 2015 games management team. 
The sooner this body has a leader and core personnel, the better the chances of us having a successful games.
Key aspects such as facilities and infrastructure, protocol, marketing and promotions, transport, accommodation and meals, athletes and officials’ preparations, security, medical, volunteers, finance and operations need all the attention they deserve.
We are behind the race to successfully host the games.
But we can still win the race by acting now and not waiting for tomorrow.

Raphael Sapea
Port Moresby