Candidates want use of electronic counting

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The National, Wednesday July 4th, 2012

A NUMBER of candidates contesting seats in the National Capital District have called on the Electoral Commission to allow counting to be conducted electronically.
They met yesterday and demanded that manual counting be removed and computerised counting be allowed.
Moresby Northwest candidate Jericho Sanga Karato said the electronic counting system had been tried in Chimbu province, Ijivitari in Oro province and had proved successful.
“I see no reason why (Andrew) Trawen should not allow it to take place,” he said.
Another candidate, Clemence Kanau said electronic counting would reduce time and effort.
He said it would reduce chances of foul play and illegal practices by electoral officials.  
The candidates called for the serial numbers of voters to be given to them to allow fair play.
They questioned why counting in NCD took so long when polling had been completed last Thursday.
“We have wasted a lot of time and money. This is unfair,” NCD regional candidate Titus Pameko said.