Cannibal story draws criticisms

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The National, Thursday 6th September, 2012

THE British High Commission is expected to offer a formal apology today over a degrading and racist story headlined “Cannibal Isle for Prince” that appeared in a British tabloid – the Daily Star Sunday – last weekend.
The apology will be an attempt to appease Papua New Guineans over the story that has been severely criticised in the social media.
The website was inundated with comments since the story appeared on the newspaper’s website on Sunday.
“Racist” one comment said, and another: “Shame on you for reporting garbage! Call yourself a journalist? You know squat about PNG.”
Comments such as: “This article truly shows that the author is shallow minded, uninformed and probably doesn’t do any research at all when writing,” were also in.
The British monarchy also came under attack over the story.
“They should not come to PNG if they fear for their lives,” one comment said.
“Defer the visit until we get an apology from the author,” said another.
Comments also suggested that such reports could not go unchallenged and called on the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Immigrations to pursue the matter with PNG’s foreign office in London for a formal apology from the newspaper.
The story ran on the newspaper’s front page.
“Papua New Guinea is where cannibals make soup from genitals and eat human brains raw,” the report said.