Captain and all must work hard

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 1st, 2012

ON behalf of my family and those at Works Compound, I would like to congratulate the new MP for Moresby North­west, Michael Malabag.
Now we have a voice in parliament who has all the necessary skills, knowledge  and who truly understands the hardship faced by the general workforce.
Workers at the lower income bracket of al­most every organisation have had to deal with
the increased cost of li­ving.
I am sure Malabag himself also faces the same problems.
I liken him to the captain who has arrived to save the embattled, near sinking, confused mv Workforce with passengers who are lightly skilled and the general workforce which had been going around in circles with no directions.
This will be an issue of the past.
Everyone must realise that hurricane LNG is non-renewable and will come to an end one day.
As such, the crew of the mv Workforce must work hard with the new captain.

Billy Buori
Port Moresby