Carelessness at its best


I SUPPORT “Frustrated Citizen” of Port Moresby’s views on Monday (May 4).
I went through the process of registering for my NID at Vision City car park in June, 2019.
Upon following in Jan 20, I was told my NID was ready for collection.
Then I went on March 12 to collect knowing very well it would be ready.
After sitting in line for the whole morning and reaching the counter by 2pm, I was advised by the officer that my registration number was given to another person and that I should register and resubmit my form and supporting documents again.
I insisted for the officer check again and confirm which she did the second time and gave the same response.
I was so upset and advised her that I was told in January that it was ready for collection.
How come my number was given to another person?
I told her I would not go through the whole process to register again because it was not my fault that my registration number was given to another person even though my name was still in their system.
This is uncalled for.
How can a registration number be given to someone just like that when you had my form and supporting documents.
I had to take days off to attend to these and it is so frustrating only to be told of such.
Since my supporting documents and registration form are still in your system can I be given another number rather than going through the whole process again and having to wait for months?
My registration number is ‘37720190625067’.


One thought on “Carelessness at its best

  • That is what happening to many of the applications gone but not done. People have been re allocation registration numbers to WHOM YOU KNOW.

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