Carteret DVD to be released soon

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WHILE their homes have been threatened by rising sea-levels, relocated Carteret Islanders will still be able to identify their roots and cultures for generations to come.
This was made possible through the documentation of their cultural lifestyles which will be featured in DVD supported and funded by the UK government through the British High Commission (BHC) in PNG.
BHC’s Kila Kome said the project was being put together by the University of New England in New South Wales, Australia, and is due to be out in April.
“The working group has collected data, captured audio and visual images including pictures of the people,  islands and their cultures, songs, dances including traditional legends or myths,” Mr Kome said.
A statement from BHC yesterday said the project, costing more than K129,000, was commissioned to preserve the unique culture of the people.
“People identify themselves with their culture, the Carteret Islanders are no exception and with their island sinking and the relocation exercise in place, it is important that their culture is captured for their identity of the next generation and beyond,” Commissioner David Dunn said in the statement.
The film project was made with the cooperation of local NGO Tulele Peisa Inc and in consultation with the Carteret council of elders.