Casuals missing out on pay


THERE is a handful of casual staff less than 15, employed by the Department of Works in Sandaun.
These casuals are in Vanimo, Aitape and Yangkok respectively where the department’s establishments are located.
Since January this year, they have been paid for only six fortnights.
I believe the action taken by Works Department in Vanimo violated the relevant section of the labour laws of this country.
Is this problem happening throughout the country or is it only happening in Sandaun?
Can the Works Department hierarchy comment on this as to why these hard working casuals are not receiving their wages in a timely manner.
As a sympathiser, I really can’t understand why a big department likes Works cannot pay its casual employees fortnightly.

Justin Wasamu,


  • These are the helping hands that are always contributing to the development of Sandaun and PNG as a whole. Their tireless contribution must be valued and they deserve payment for their work done, just similar to anyone who work for pay and should not be treated differently.

    Responsible persons at the Works Department office in Vanimo must have some explanations for this.

  • Irrespective of their positions in the Department, these are the very people who meaningfully contribute to the progress of Sandaun Province and the Works Department as a whole. Their efforts cannot go unnoticed and they really deserve payment for their work done just like people who work for pay. They should not be treated differently irrespective of any circumstances.
    Responsible officers at the works department in Vanimo must have some good explanations for this delay.

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