Caterer urges landowners to grow veggies

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A BIG-scale catering executive has urged landowners to produce food for the liquefied natural gas (LNG) projects whose consumption of vegetables and other fresh foods is growing everyday.
John Hulse, business and operations manager of Alliance Group of Co, a catering enterprise with contracts with the LNG projects, said in one project site alone, a food-producing area the size of Port Moresby would be required to feed its workers.
Speaking yesterday at the PNG LNG sub-contractors workshop at the Enterprise Centre, Hulse explained that landowners should get involved to produce enough food for various project sites.
He said as a catering firm, his company was  able to feed up to thousands of workers in any of the project sites, especially in Hides, Southern Highlands.
Hulse said by engaging landowners in this venture, they  would provide  employment to the villagers and also giving them the chance to participate in the whole project.
The workshop, which will end today , is hosted by the main contractor of the PNG LNG plant project, Chiyoda-JGC joint venture (CJJV).
CJJV national content manager Susumu Kumagai said this workshop was aimed  at giving local businesses the chance to meet with any of the eight subcontractors who won contracts with the gas projects.