Catholic health services donate water tank to school


A private school in Kiunga, Western is grateful to the Catholic Health Service for funding a 5000-litre water tank.
The principal and director of Cross Country School of Excellence, Elias Wranga, on behalf of the school board, parents, students and teachers thanked the Secretary of Catholic Health Services, Sr Anna Sanginawa and coordinator Cathy Yaki, pictured, to help the school in time of need.
“I am very thankful to Sr Anna Sanginawa to approve this project to assist the school as it is a new school, just two years old, and needed much support from stakeholders,” Wranga said.
He said public-private partnership and stakeholder engagement to cover shortfalls in the
government support was a way forward.
He also called on local leaders and ward councillors to embrace such little changes taking place and contribute in whichever way they could for the betterment of children’s education.
Yaki said this project was unplanned and unbudgeted for but the need was urgent and she had to ask the project
coordinating team to deliver the project.