Celebration to mark 50-year-old church


People of Hube in Finschhafen, Morobe, are preparing to celebrate 50th anniversary of their church building.
The church at Unseseu village was built in 1963 and opened in 1967.
It has been used by the villagers for the past 50 years and needs maintenance.
Community leader Singi Singiliong said the villagers would celebrate their church’s 50th anniversary in December.
He said villagers who lived abroad and in other parts of the country would be at Unseseu for the occasion.
Singiliong said a decision would be made on whether to demolish the church and build a new one, or keep on maintaining.
“Our grandparents weren’t carpenters or architects, but built the church with faith,” he said.
“They carried building materials and walked for 80 kilometres from the coast to build the church, which was opened on November 27, 1967.”
He said the church had produced 10 evangelists who served in Chimbu and Eastern Highlands,
Singiliong said the challenge was now upon the current generation to emulate what their grandparents did.
The anniversary celebrations will include a pastor’s ordination and thanksgiving for the construction of a new church.
Ten Christians who were there when the church was built will be honoured during the celebration.
The village is part of Kulungtufu Parish of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG’s Kotec district.

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