Censorship office ‘fears pollution of young minds’

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THE pollution of young minds in today’s generation is the biggest threat the censorship office is concerned about, says Chief Censor Steven Mala.
“The threat in this current generation is the pollution of the young minds,” Mala said yesterday
“That’s the biggest threat.
“That’s why we are trying to make sure that whichever media that we are using or are exposed to is clean.
“Our children will grow up as reasonable adults.
“And if all singers are going to sings songs like Sigirapim Saksak and all that what type of message are we sharing with our children?
“So to me it’s not the point of arguing wether I have the Jurisdiction or not, the question is what kind of message are we feeding children?
“So probably my message to the public is, it’s not a question of legality, but our question should be is the type of song or material that we want our children to be exposed to.
“Ask ourselves this question.
“Let’s argue about whether it’s right or wrong for our children.
Mala said this when announcing what the censorship office has planned for this year to regulate the media which it was not able to do in the past.

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