Central provincial govt to revive poultry farm

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 01st Febuary 2012

CENTRAL Governor Alphonse Moroi yesterday announced that the Ilimo Farm outside Port Moresby will operate as soon as funds are in place.  
Central provincial government under its business arm of Central Province Development Corporation Limited (CPDC) paid more than K10 million to Bank South Pacific when the poultry farm ceased operation in 2000.
The payment was made in three installments of which the Central provincial government paid K750,000 in 2003 while CPDC paid K500,000 in August and K9,240,699.92 in November last year, completing the full payment of K10,490,700.
The farm is expected to operate the hatchery project for eggs, production of chickens for meat and a feed mill to start in six to eight months time.
The Ilimo Farm was once a huge supplier of chicken eggs and meat to the city.
The Central provincial government plans to revive the project to benefit the Central people through job opportunities and service delivery.
The Ilimo farm is owned by the people of Central and managed by the CPDC.
 Moroi said the Central people had never seen benefits from investments in timber, forestry and marine and would make sure the people benefit from the farm.