Central rugby league looks to expand

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Then National, Wednesday 12th September, 2012

RUGBY league in the Central province is set to turn a new leaf in an attempt to give its local players better recognition.
While formalities are yet to be confirmed, Central Rugby Football League (CRFL) has already set its sights on possible direct affiliation to the Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League, and has set out a tentative calendar beginning with the annual Central Nines on Nov 26.
“We are doing this for our local talent in the villages, there is an abundance of talent and players who we think deserve an opportunity to be exposed,” new chairman Jack Kedea said.
Central League will cover the villages from as far as Porebada (in NCD) to the Aroma Coast in the Abau district, as well as villages in the Kwikila and Kairuku area.
“Our immediate task is to travel to these villages and inspect the ovals and work towards upgrading them to a level and standard that is quality for competition matches to be played on them,” he said.
Kedea and Central League secretary Teisi Kalamo also announced a tentative calendar for the league.
The league’s season will commence with the annual Central 9s which will run from Nov 26-30 from which a team will be selected to be part of a New Zealand tour in February.
“This will be the second time we will be taking a team to Auckland.
“Three of our boys were selected from our first tour and returned to Auckland where they played a season with a club in the local competition over there,” Kalamo said.
“We hope to give a few more of our local talent the opportunity to be exposed like these three, and then come back home and share their experience and contribute.
“We have the chance to make a difference for rugby league in Central, and for our local players, and this is our way going forward.”