Central Sepik province the way forward

Letters, Normal

The National Thursday, 26th January 2012

THE call by Maprik MP Gabriel Kapris for a Central Sepik province (The National, Jan 18) will boost economic growth for rural population in that part of East Sepik province.
The support by the prime minister for the Bill for this province indicates that the government is committed to the people and the country’s welfare.
My advice to the member for Maprik is to plan vigilantly and constructively in introducing the proposed Central Sepik province legislation; it must be a unique province among the other newly established provinces.
I call on Kapris to introduce the Bill for the new province together with a Bill for autonomy status.
Many established provinces, particularly in the New Guinea Islands, have been debating about provincial autonomy, brought about by the fact that socio-economic progress and development are not uniform in all provinces.
By attaining provincial autonomy provincial governments can properly managed the affairs of their own people.
If the government does not approved the autonomy bill it must ask how efficient and effective services have been delivered to rural areas under the current dictatorial system at the central government office.
Central Sepik is rich in its untouched natural resources and boasts strong agriculture and economic bases that can enhance growth once give the opportunity.

Jay Wohiemani
Guangzhou City