Chan did not reveal remedies

Letters, Normal

New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan’s diagnosis of the state of the nation (The National, March 30) may be accurate but it is interesting to note that he did not suggest any remedy.
I appreciate his suggestion that it is high time the Government return the wealth back to the people.
But I would have greatly appreciated it if he had told us his plans or moves he intends to make on distributing the nation’s wealth to the people.
What he says or does would have been credible and fully supported by the people if he had not tarnished his name in the Sandline affair in Bougainville.
Having said that, I would suggest Sir Julius also provide some remedies because he is one of the few “nationalist” leaders we have left.
I say that because many other leaders, as he rightly pointed out, are focused on filling up their own pockets.
I agree with him that it is now time to form a Government of credibility.
Many people have described PNG as a failed state.
What we need is a major shake-up and a massive reorganisation is needed, starting from our politicians to bureaucrats to administrators in the rural districts.
It is a fact that PNG is wealthy but all that wealth is being illegally amassed in Waigani.


Port Moresby