Change happening

The National, Monday July 18th, 2016

 Reports by MALUM NALU
NEW Generation Party leader and Goroka MP Bire Kimisopa says the “winds of change” are blowing across the nation, although the Opposition may not seem to have the numbers to change the Government.
He said yesterday that Friday’s no-confidence vote against Prime Minister Peter O’Neill should not be seen as a numbers game, but a desire to show that people wanted change.
The NGP has three MPs in Kimisopa, Jiwaka Governor Dr William Tongamp and Manus Open’s Ronnie Knight – who have joined the Opposition.
“Who wins?” Kimisopa said.
“In the end, PNG wins.
“We are advocating a new path, a new path for PNG in terms of fiscal management, in terms of the preservation of the rule of law.
“We are advocating a robust and dynamic Parliament where there is debate and the rules that govern parliament are observed.
“We expect a lot more than what our people are getting.”
Kimisopa said a whole generation of Papua New Guineans had been told to vacate the University of PNG campus.
“How are we going to pretend that everything is well and assume that this country is ok?” he said.
“We (NGP) are three – insignificant in terms of numbers – but what’s the point of numbers when you have the absolute majority?
“Our people have every right to question the political direction our country is taking.
“For us, joining the Opposition is perhaps a protest in its own way, and also telling Papua New Guineans that we are listening, we empathise with you and we think the path you’re advocating is the path for us.
“I’m optimistic that the winds of change are here.
“In terms of numbers, I think we’ll know by Friday which side of the political divide you want to choose.
“If you want to choose to stand with the people, or you want to stand with a group of people who assume that they’ve got the nation’s interest at heart. That’s a big difference.”