Cheating bad for PNG education

Letters, Normal

The National- Monday, January 17, 2011

 LAST Friday’s letter on schools cheating during Grade 12 national examinations is a very sad story for education in the country.

No wonder we a seeing a drop in the standards of education.

In the past students who are still in primary schools can read and write good English but is hardly the case today and that is because some teachers are not really sitting down and teaching their students and as a result they are now cheating to save face and that is very bad. 

A shame to these teachers and they should be investigated and dismissed. 

It is not fair to teachers and students who have been committed and are cheated of their hard earned grades. 

What would our overseas conterparts think of us in our work place when we go out and work? Even when we score good grades they will still have that suspicion that our grades were doctored to make it look good and there will never be any respect for Papua New Guinean workers. 

This stupid idea must be stop now or we will lose face and value in our graduates in future.




Wewak, East Sepik