Chief has no one but himself to blame

Letters, Normal

The National,Thursday 22nd December 2011

IN other countries, when the prime minister or president has lost the support of the majority, the leader will do the honourable thing by resigning.
It is clear Sir Michael Somare does not have the support of the parliament and the logical choice for him is to step down.
With due respect to the decision of the Supreme Court, a prime minister cannot lead if he does not have the support of the majority.
The events happening today started back in 2007 when the NA was returned to power.
After being appointed prime minister, Sir Michael stated that he would be prime minister for only two years and then hand the reigns over to the next leader.
However, he broke his promise and this led to Sir Puka Temu joining the opposition.
Sir Michael did not take any action against Paul Tiensten when the NA’s Islands bloc removed the latter as leader.
He failed to respect the majority of the NA members and appointed Sam Abal as deputy prime minister ahead of Don Polye.
This caused a split in the NA.
The Grand Chief has no one to blame but himself for all that has happened.

Constant worry
Port Moresby