Children to raise funds for orphanage

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MORE than 100 less fortunate children in the Western Highlands province will soon take to the streets of Mt Hagen city in a fund raising drive to help themselves.
These children are from the Highlands provinces and have either been deserted, or have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS.
They live in their own homes in the Tari settlement in the Newtown area but meet with Rosa Kepo, or Auntie Rose as she is known to the children, at the Bible Faith Outreach (orphanage) she runs using her salary as a secretary to the chief pilot of the Missionary Aviation Fellowship.
The orphanage has been in operation for about eight months and the children meet with Ms Kepo every Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Ms Kepo feeds them, gives clothes, soap and other items they need.
They are currently using a shed but have plans to move elsewhere given the funding and a suitable land where they can buy.
In order to raise funds to buy the land and set up a real orphanage and learning centre, the older children will volunteer to clean business houses within
the city.
Ms Kepo said she was organising identification cards each for the children to wear when they do work.
She said the children and some adults had volunteered to help in the fund-raising and appealed to the Government and interested individuals, NGO, National AIDS Council and churches for donations in either cash or kind.
Ms Kepo can be contacted at 72587753 or 5451477. 
Donations can be made to the Bible Faith Outreach BSP account number 1000 389 615.