Children’s feedback to help in policy development


Policies will be developed from the feedback from a two-day National Children’s Forum hosted to celebrate World Children’s Day in Port Moresby this week, says Religion, Youth and Community Development Secretary Anna Solomon.
The forum saw high school students discussing school fights, drugs and alcohol, social media and their rights.
“We want to hear from children,” Solomon told The National.
She said those were issues involving children and it was best to hear from them. Solomon said the topics discussed would be reviewed.
She said the idea was to develop polices on issues affecting children and programmes based on them.
“It’s all about seeing it through the children’s glance and informing the policy-makers on how to address them,” Solomon said.
“We then start programmes to target those issues that they have highlighted,  we address them from how they have discussed them.”
“For example, school fights. We are going to hear from them what causes school fights.”