Chimbu women raise funds for conference

The National,Thursday June 30th, 2016

EAST Chimbu women who are members of the Evangelical Lutheran Church have started a fundraising drive to host the church’s national women’s conference.
A fundraising activity at Mu Lutheran Church in Sinasina last Tuesday was led by the conference deputy chairperson Bainam Gela,  trainer Janet Illai, East Chimbu district president Giglmai Kimbe and Kote Yabim circuit leader Paul Gomia.
Conference chairman Mangre Kaugla witnessed the contributions from the circuits.
A delegation from Settlebech in Finschhafen also contributed cash and items.
Gela said East Chimbu would host 17 districts from around the country at Muaina for the weeklong conference.
“We will host the conference with faith in God,” she said.
Gela thanked the Mu and Kotec Yabim circuits for bringing in cash contributions of more than K11,000 and K12, 000 respectively.
Other circuits will make their contributions by July 23.
She challenged everyone to take pride and ownership of the programme.
Gela also urged people to make the conference a memorable one by giving back to God.
Church members in Sinasina-Yongumugl and Chimbu have been requested to contribute money to help meet the cost of hosting the conference.