Cholera awareness in Lae ends

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ALL operations toward preventing any further recurrence of cholera, dysentery and influenza have come to a halt.
This was the advice given to all sections of the outbreak task force last  Friday during the briefing on the status of the outbreak.
Last week, Lae was on alert, as six cases were admitted to the cholera treatment centre in a day.
Last Saturday, a young woman who was travelling on a bus to Madang was suspected of having cholera and was removed from the bus and left on the roadside at 12-Mile.
She was rushed to the Angau Memorial Hospital’s cholera quarantine.
 At Kamkumung market at Omili yesterday afternoon, vendors returned to sell cooked food.
Several stalls and in some cases, the bare earth, were covered with leaves holding mumu, kaukau and fried vegetables.
Home-baked scones were left open in plastic bags as vendors chased flies with leaves.
“The cholera awareness campaign is obviously not getting through,” a woman, who had gone to buy greens, said.
The campaign and all the related works would need K8 million to address prevention methods.
Provincial outbreak task force chairman, Dr Likei Theo said he did not know the exact date the money  would be made available.
He said this was very unfortunate for the taskforce as “this will only hamper operations”.