Cholera hits Wewak



THE cholera outbreak in Wewak has claimed its 12th victim – a resident in Angoram.
     The number of cases is 450.
Provincial coordinator for the response team Dr John Sairere confirmed yesterday that the new information was collected from officers who returned from
the affected areas
on Monday.
Recent data showed Wewak having 41cholera cases, Angoram (52), Kambaramba (228), Moim (84), Murik Lake (39) and Marienburg (6).
Last week, the cholera outbreak spread to the Murik Lakes.
Dr Sairere said: “We are looking for ways to improve water supply to reduce the incidences of cholera in the villages surrounding the lake.
“There were a few cases registered during the festive seasons but the situation was not as bad as expected.”
Dr Sairere and his team was working with a budget of K86,000 but “we will need more funding as there is little left”.
“We expect some funding from the Health Department next week.
Medecins Sans Frontieres and Save the Children are currently helping us and next week Oxfam will return to fight the outbreak,” he said.
Cholera treatment centres were being set up in Kambaramba, Moim, Angoram, Biwat, Marienburg and Wewak.
Dr Sairere hoped to set up centres in Aramut and Kaup located in the Murik Lakes.