Cholera threat looms for NCD villages

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THE water crisis that is being experienced for three months in the Motu-Koita villages in the National Capital District is posing a huge cholera risk for the villagers.
Tatana-Iraira ward councillor Tom Lancan on Sunday raised the concern that it was highly likely that the
villages could be hit by cholera and other waterborne diseases due to the water problem.
“Honestly speaking, we are facing a greater risk of waterborne diseases and, in particular, cholera,” Mr Lancan said.
“We cannot not cook, do laundry and have showers to go to work and to school.
“It is very difficult for our mothers, sisters, daughters and the children,” he added.
“The villages look unhygienic and given the recent outbreak of cholera in Morobe and Madang, I am concerned that we might be hit by cholera.
“Water is life’s essential need so how can we live without water for such a long time?” the councillor asked.
Mr Lancan said since Eda Ranu cut off their water supply three months ago, the Motu-Koita Assembly (MKA) had been buying water from other water suppliers with three water carts per day.
However, he added that this was not enough for a population of 5,000 plus people.
MKA chairman Miria Ikupu earlier said MKA had exhausted its funds allocated for water and there was nowhere else to source water.
Mr Lancan denied that there were any outstanding unresolved issues between Eda Ranu, the MKA and the villages.
“I don’t know any reason for shutting off water,” he said.
“What Eda Ranu has been saying was Motu-Koita villages are non- bill-paying villages and did not want to turn on water.
“We are the indigenous people of Port Moresby city and there should be a degree of respect for us,” Mr Lancan said.