Christian values vital subject in schools: Pastor


A LUTHERAN pastor in Morobe says there is increase in violence in schools because Christian values are not taught in educational institutions.
Evengelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea (ELCPNG) national trainer and acting assistant secretary Pastor Osikua Tingkeo said the values of the Christian faith were slowly fading away.
He said the loss of Biblical principles in our lives was threatening to erode something that was vital for human spiritual development.
Tingkeo is calling for the study of Biblical principles to be re-introduced in church-run schools.
“We must proceed critically to examine the Biblical literature and heritage by seeking and understanding what it meant and whether it has meaning in our social and personal existence today.”
He claimed that the PNG government was shifting its focus to physical development and not giving enough attention to the spiritual side of it.
Tingkeo challenged education officers in Morobe to pay attention to Christian education programmes and work closely with churches to deliver this vital spiritual need.