Church celebrates thanksgiving


The Lae United Church along Malaita Street came alive with singing and dancing as fellowship groups and ministries brought forth their offerings last Sunday in the annual boubou (thanksgiving).
The Malaita Street Church, which was the foundation of the establishment of the United Church in Morobe, raised K52,000 on the thanksgiving occasion.
The money was raised through its eight fellowship groups and ministries.
Outgoing church treasurer Lucy Siddy said the last three years was challenging and difficult but God was good.
Siddy said the country was facing an economic crisis and the effects of it had trickled down to the small people, but despite this, the people still gave because of their love for God.
“It’s been hard but because of God, everything is possible. Through the Almighty we can face tomorrow because He lives.”
In her four terms as treasurer,  she had worked under the leadership of chairmen Raymond Lohia, George Gutuma, the late Pala Wari and Kila Vuivagi.
A percentage of the money from the thanksgiving offerings will go towards the Morobe Circuit thanksgiving this Sunday while the rest will be put into the operations of the church.
Sunday’s circuit thanksgiving will be at Lae United Church with sister churches Cassowary Road, Taraka, Unitech, Ramu, Bulolo, Wau, and Finschhafen congregating.

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