Church embraces early childhood learning, development

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A CHURCH in East New Britain has embraced early learning childhood development.
Greater Heights Early Childhood Destiny School was officially launched last Friday at Tanaka village in the Raluana local level government (LLG), Kokopo.
The school was initiated by Greater Heights Governing church pastor Gershon Passingan and comes under Covenant Ministry International. ENB deputy governor and Bitapaka LLG president Cosmas Bauk, who officiated at the ceremony, said the province and the rest of the country faced many challenges and ensuring more children were educated well was the key to having a better society.
He said moral values and good ethics were almost non-existent in the community and how people interacted with one another and promoting these values among the young were crucial. “If our families, province and country want to see positive changes we have to start at the right place,” he said.
Bauke said that place was in education and teaching from an early age.
Bauk said improving the education was paramount to achieving the goal of a prosperous society.
ENB elementary and early childhood coordinator Ludwina Liu said the provincial education division would support the new school.
Liu said early childhood education was not part of the government’s plan and the ENB division of education needed to develop policies to accommodate early childhood learning into education system when elementary schools were phased out in the country.
“The school at Greater Heights is leading the way in East New Britain in building an early learning.”

One thought on “Church embraces early childhood learning, development

  • Early childhood learning is the way forward for PNG. Proverbs 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it”. It is a very bad sight to see little children ages 3-7 still in the villages doing nothing and when they start at age 7 or 10 the poor child is way behind and you will notice alot of them now do not speak and write good english. Education in PNG has failed us badly. I fully support what the Church is doing in ENB and a policy for early childhood learning must be developed now. Well done Pastor Passingan!

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