Church excited about opening of new music school

National, Normal

The National, Monday February 24th, 2014


A MUSIC school will be opened in Port Moresby next month for people interested in studying music. 

The Eyrie Music School is a music ministry under the Tabernacle of Prayer Church which aims to teach music and help church musicians.

The school also provides an avenue to employ those who have graduated in music schools. 

School’s instructor Nathan Walters said the school began in 2012 when the church saw the need to teach church musicians and to provide music classes to interested people.

“The school provides an opportunity to expand education opportunities for musicians in PNG,” he said. 

He said the school was the starting point for those who were interested in playing music and who lacked the theory part of it. 

Walters said the instructors were highly trained musicians who graduated in music schools overseas.

He said normal lessons would be held for 10 Saturdays (one term) beginning on the March 2 with recitals at the completion of the term. 

He said students during enrollment would be categoried according to their level of understanding of music. 

He said students would be provided with resources such as textbooks with audio examples on a CD and instruments. 

“But we encourage students to own an instrument at home as owning an instrument would help a student progress in classes,” he said.