Church group helping inmates gain new skills


A CHURCH organisation is visiting prison inmates to teach them trade skills as part of their rehabilitation.
Members of the Catholic organisation Mercy Works in Mt Hagen have been teaching inmates at Baisu prison things like sewing, music, and how to prepare stock feed.
It is hoped that the inmates can use those skills to find work then they are released.
Mercy Works coordinator Sister Mariska Kua said they were making regular visits to the women’s prison, juvenile’s prison and the minimum security prison.
She said inmates who had been released were already putting the skills into good use.
“We provide food for the prisoners and right now I see that this visit is not a waste but has bigger impacts,” Kua said.
“These people have skills and talents.”
Kua said God created everyone for a purpose and Mercy Works was using that principle to educate the inmates to look after themselves.