Church leader pushes for prisons to host Bible school and rallies


A CHAPLAIN of one of the major referral prisons in the country has suggested that a Bible college and rallies must be included in the rehabilitation programmes of the major prisons in PNG.
Bomana prison chaplain Sergeant Laini Pilai made the call in response to a call by Pastor Peter Dege, of the True Life of Jesus Christ, for the prison to have a Bible training college and crusades for prisoners.
Pilai said Bible studies and crusades in the past six months have brought great changes to the lives of the inmates and many of them have been converted.
“Now we see that a Bible college and organised crusades, rallies in the major referral prisons would bring real change to the minds of the criminals,” he said.
He said every referral prison were nations of their own.
“Each referral prison has inmates from all over the country, he said.
“These souls were used by the devil to commit crimes but the word of God is changing them.
“I see a change that never occurred in the past 33 years serving in the prison.
“I witnessed great changes that the word of God has done to change the minds of the inmates.”
He said the Bomana prison alone hosted two big rallies recently where 82 people were baptised in two different occasions.
“These people need to be taught the basics of Bible reading and preaching so they live as Christians in the prison and come out as better person.
“The support of government and the churches are welcome to build these rehabilitation programme in Bomana and four major referral prisons in the country,” he said.

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