Church leader receives top award


A CHURCH leader has received the Grand Companion of the Order of Logohu award, with the title of Chief.
The Right Reverend David Primson Piso is the Head Bishop of the Gutnius Lutheran Church of Papua New Guina.
He was recognised for his services to the community and the nation as a pastor for 45 years. It included 36 years as head bishop of the church.
He graduated with a Bachelor of Theology in 1972 at the Martin Luther Seminary in Lae.
He became the chaplain of St Pauls Secondary School in Enga where he taught for two years.
He was then asked to join the PNG army which was part of the Australian Army. He worked under the Canberra administration as the chaplain at Moem Barracks with the rank of captain.
He joined Igam Barracks and later was transferred to Goldie River in 1981.
“I was given a scholarship to study for four years. After the army, I served in various government committees when Sir Julius Chan was prime minister.”
He served under 48 council members of the Lutheran World Federation. Piso said there were challenges in the church.
“There are no churches on Earth that do not have challenges. But with the guidance of the Lord, and with the help of the Holy Spirit, we will move forward,” he said.
“Whether I deserve this award or not, I think I have done a lot for this nation and for this world. My award goes to the people I serve.”
He also dedicated his award to his late wife. “My medal is in honor of my late wife Barbara,” he said. He was elected Head Bishop in 1980. His current term expires in 2022.

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