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MADANG Governor Peter Yama has asked the court to determine the citizenship status of Bryan Kramer and in turn his eligibility to be a Member of Parliament.
In documents filed by lawyer Ben Lomai, the Madang provincial government and Yama, in his capacity as governor and chairman of the provincial assembly, questioned whether Kramer was a PNG citizen when he contested and won the Madang Open seat during the 2017 general election.
“We want the court to (determine whether) Kramer is a citizen of PNG or not,” Yama said.
“If he is not, then we seek a declaration order by the court that Kramer is not a citizen and that he is not qualified to remain a member of parliament representing the people of Madang (district).”
The National yesterday approached Kramer for a comment.
He said he was going to send a statement.
It is understood that he is aware of the case filed by Yama and the provincial government.
The National Court in Waigani is yet to set a date to hear the case.
He is currently the Police Minister in the coalition government led by Prime Minister James Marape.
Yama said yesterday the Madang provincial executive council had also “expelled” Kramer for failing to attend three consecutive provincial assembly meetings.
Yama alleged that Kramer had recently applied for a dual citizenship.
“The Madang Open seat belongs to the people of Madang and as their governor, it is my obligation to ensure the office of the Madang MP is protected with integrity.”



  • Can you stop ‘digging up each others dirt’, slinging mud at each other’ and focus on service delivery.
    Court house mas house man for the likes of Pits Yamax & Belinda Namax.

  • This is where the PNG Electoral Commission needs to be active and do background checks including citizenship status of candidates before their contest national elections.

  • Kind of things come out the haus man em something which is real so we’ll see ahead, just kick him out from the office and let Dickson Duman flow with the PNC

  • Let the law takes its cause
    JM wants corruption free.
    Most people are testing our laws.
    Hope this is a lesson to others

  • These two National Leaders need some form of psychological counseling because they seem to use the wrong place to play their accuse and defense game… Shame on you twos!!!! You twos should be joining your hands to develop Madang Province. Just a personal opinion: The only person who is always instigating such comments and accusation is the Governor so there is something burning inside of him against his brother politician…Let only time will expose the hidden truth.

  • BK is doing outstanding job here. Better than most.
    It is the people who mandated BK into Parliament.
    It is the people’s power.
    And besides, BK is mixed raced PNG. He is PNG – birth certificate or not – by blood or not – as long as he has been living in PNG for how many years now!.
    Only God has the right to judge the people of their citizen status. Because He (God) created the people and the earth we are living on. (Laws are man made). I would say, maybe something fishy is going on that’s why people are trying to find flaws in the very good outstanding leader that the people of this nation as longed for for many years, and that he (BK) is doing a fantastic job here. Toksave olsem Kaikai mahn tasol bai fait against BK. Otherwise, thumbs up to BK.!

  • Yes, BK PNG with you, recycle leaders please shut it up….more experiences seems more corruption so wait awhile it will soon pop out….standby your turn is around the corner PY.

  • Looks like Madang has no other urgent matters to look into. It must be peaceful and beautiful like in the good old times so out of boredom those two politicians have become like kindergarden kids….

    Yama, you must really be a saint to go after Kramer like that. He must really be a sting in you black ass.

  • What a waste of time and resource.

    When we grow older, we should be wise and not the other way around because younger generations will turn to us for guidance.

  • That’s a genuine point by the madang governor….why do we have to vote for non-commercial PNGIANS to be our leaders….are we ok?….hope you all are leaning some important facts here…..

  • Olgta work lo Madang mas pinis an Governor Yama nogat wok so panim wok na checkm status blo BK. Governor you getting too old now so better resign and take a nap and rest.

  • Please Chief PY, young leaders like BK is weeding weeds out of our Garden (country). He is doing a fine job. Please support him as he is a Madang Son instead of giving him such accusation regarding his Citizenship. Em Madang man i born long Sek – Madang na bikpela long Madang.
    Forget what his nationality and bring services to the Province. Just look at the Main Roads and street of Madang town. Can you both sit down and come with resolutions to develop the roads, instead of nagging each others, especially PY.

  • Just fix the Madang town Roads Already. This questions of citizenship is unecessary at the moment. We need good roads and law and order in Madang now. Look at what is needed now rather than causing a show in the media.

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