City residents urged to refrain from criminal activities


CITY residents are urged to behave and not engage in criminal activities as police will be patrolling the city day and night during the festive season, Met-Supt Perou N’dranou says.
He said 1,089 police personnel will be patrolling the city.
“You will regret being arrested and put behind bars,” he said.
“You will spend a good two to three weeks in the cell lockups as the courts will be closed during the festive season and resume next year.
“That means when you get locked up, you won’t be coming out.
“Bail will be also denied, therefore think twice before committing any crimes.”
N’dranou in a station commanders’ briefing in Port Moresby on Friday, said police were aware of public disorder hot spots such as Manu Market and the Bus 19 bus stop, Boroko Market and the bus stop along the big drain, Morata bus stop, Waigani second-hand clothing areas, Koni Tigers Oval, Gerehu buai market and recreational spaces where drugs were openly traded, Unagi Oval, Hohola Field, East Boroko, China Town and Koki Market. He also urged the public to report any suspicious activities and movements of people, including public disorders and bullying activities.
The police hotline number is 1800 100.
“Evidence is important and will be needed for arrest and prosecution.”
N’dranou said people should be brave to tackle crime and speak out.
“Keeping order in the city is everyone’s business.
“If everyone works with police and simply call and report their societal disorders, it will only keep them peaceful.
“If you don’t call police in fear of reprisals, they will continue doing the same thing.”