City wall comes crumbling down

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ABOUT 20m of the port road at Touaguba Hill in the nation’s capital was covered with mud and debris from Wednesday afternoon’s heavy downpour. 
The landslide occurred just after 4.30pm.
Witnesses said the two-hour heavy rain caused the foundation of the newly-built brick wall at the port road to collapse creating a landslip that covered the main road.
Examining the 10m brick wall, one could see that it did not have a proper foundation, lacking reinforcement steel.
Sand and cement were the only materials used to build the wall.
Hanson Auri was driving home and approaching the area when the landslip occurred.
He narrowly escaped death.
“I was driving home in my car when I felt my car jerked to one side and I forcibly steered it back onto the road,” Mr Auri said.
“I could not believe my eyes when I looked out and saw everything falling towards me,” he recalled.
He was fortunate to have survived because of the rails along the road which prevented his car from being pushed further down the side of the road.
Electricity poles lining the roadside were not disturbed.
No lives were lost or properties damaged.