Civil Registry Office upgraded

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THE National Civil Registry Office has installed a new coding system to improve data processing and tabulation.
The system was developed to meet the social and economic data needs at all levels.
Project consultant Dickson Kiragi said the system would reinforce the registry’s primary objective of producing legal documents required by law.
Mr Kiragi said it would also record vital events on a permanent, continual, universal and compulsory basis from vital records that had administrative and statistical value.
The civil registration coding system would be able to link individuals to his or her details, place of origin with a record number issued to the individual when she/he enters the system through registered birth.
Civil Registry director general Betty Billy said  “for the past 32 years we’ve been struggling and the need now is to build a community of primary beneficiaries to help the government in terms of community development”.
The system would be used for enlisting public health information in identifying population at risk in other health programmes, administering social services and programmes, maintaining the population register, legal identity and identification, electoral Common Roll update, national security, ownership and user rights and for research studies and follow-up.
It would also provide information of place of origin for individuals down to the last detail where every individual would be identified by a 11-digit number.
“The system will also cater for the needs of the incorporated land groups at the community level so that the
community-based registration system would provide collective screening of membership in a clan and
identify genealogical information using the clan and provide proof of registration of individual members of the clan.”
The collaboration between ILG and Civil Registry at the national and provincial level would offer a chance for people and social land issues to be identified.