Clean water finally flowing after women put up a tank


A NON-government organisation in Lae has helped set up a water tank at the home of people living with disabilities at the Papuan Compound.
Women of Destiny is a Lae-based NGO made up of unemployed mothers who aim to encourage, inspire and give back to the community what little they can.
Chairperson Francisca Chinau said the group visited the home of people living with disabilities a few weeks ago and found out they lacked clean drinking water.
“During our visit we found out that Aviat Club had donated a water tank to people living with disabilities,” she said.
“The tank was not set in place for use.
“We decided to help them set up their tank.”
Chinau said they carried out fundraising to build the tank’s foundation.
Alternate Engineering in Lae assisted them in constructing the foundation.
“We acknowledge Dr Joseph Garap for his role in securing the funds from Aviat Club to help purchase the tank,” Chinau said.
“We thank Alternate Engineering for helping us set up the tank.”
The president of Morobe disabled people, Benedict Hipou, thanked Women of Destiny, Aviat Club and Alternate Engineering for their assistance.
“We thank you all for helping us so that we can now have clean water to drink,” he said.
“We have faced water problems for a long time and this water tank is a blessing for people living with disabilities in this home.”