Clean water for locals

Health Watch

PEOPLE of South Fly, Western, will soon have access to a supply of clean water.
This follows the delivery of drilling equipment for a water security project made available to Western through the PNG–Australia partnership’s new South Fly shipping service.
The Australian High Commission, in a statement, said last month that the landing craft mv Islander delivered more than eight tonnes of drilling equipment to Mabudawan as part of a pilot project to improve access to clean water.
The equipment, which will be used to improve access to water sources, includes a tractor, drill rig, compressor, piping and cement.
Improved water, sanitation and hygiene (Wash) is shared between Papua New Guinea and Australia in the South Fly resilience plan, which has expanded Australia’s support in Western, now reaching 40 wards and benefitting 90 communities.
Koria ward representative Gregory Nabaka said the development was creating positive feelings as it would provide better access to clean water and sanitation.
Neighbouring villages can also benefit, he said.
“We are grateful for Australia’s support through the mv Islander which has been transporting equipment for infrastructure, health and Wash efforts,” he said.
The project is part of the PNG-Australia partnership’s efforts to improve access to water, minimise contamination risks and improve governance capacity to develop and deliver water security solutions.
The South Fly shipping service ensures equipment and supplies are available for projects in remote areas where access to services can be limited.