Club out to dump poor image

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The National, Thursday June 20th, 2013


EXODUS Basketball Club will erase the “bad boy” image after changes to their management. 

The club earned the bad reputation last year after their fans damage the Sir John Guise indoor complex following their final series loss to Tamarraws.

Acting-match commissioner Lawrence Lahari said the new management had agreed to pay for the damage done to the complex during Game 3 of the final as well as an additional but unspecifiedfine.

He said PNG Men’s Basketball League (PMBL) accepted the assurances from Exodus and decided to re-admit them. 

Changes to Exodus management include  Willie Banjoy as new president, Moses Koiri as the head coach and James Banduru as manager. 

Banduru will also sit on the board of representatives of the PMBL board as the Exodus rep.

Lahari stressed that at the end of the day, PMBL had to be seen as the country’s elite competition they would not deny players from Exodus a chance to play.

PMBL has ensured that more security measures will be taken during the finals. 

A security/crowd control board will also be named with nominees from the franchises to sit on the board, this way PMBL and all clubs will control of the crowd and other behaivour.

Lahari said Exodus were late but there was ample time to make up the difference. 

“PMBL will not entertain what happen last year and want everyone to put this thing behind and move forward,” Lahari said.