Club provides school with two water tanks

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 29th, 2013

 THE Mt Hagen Rotary Club has provided two water tanks and a toilet for Warike Elementary School in Waghi Wan, Anglimp, Jiwaka.

It is a pilot project for a planned Rotary International water and sanitations programme that could involve up to 32 rural schools.

The project was funded by two overseas-based clubs and the Mt Hagen Rotary Club.

Mt Hagen Rotary Club vice-chairman Jerome Polino said water was important to life.

He said 3,000 children around the world died each day from poor water supply and sanitation.

“The people of Waghi Wan are fortunate to have two water tanks in their school that would benefit students and locals,” he said. 

Madan Coffee and Tea Plantation factory manager Jenny Mape thanked Dr Larry Hull and the Mt Hagen Rotary Club for bringing the much needed service to the community. 

He said the Waghi Wan people had been provided with a clinic, water wells and library books by Hull through his Na Wakabaut Programme.

‘’Now we have two water tanks and that is another blessing in our community’’ Mape said.

Madan Tea and Coffee Plantation general manager Issack Yalde urged the people to change their attitude and embrace development coming into the area.