CMO appointment soon: PM

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CABINET is expected to deliberate on the permanent appointment of a chief migration officer (CMO) in its next sitting, says Prime Minister James Marape.
He was responding to a query from the The National.
“The process is still happening, the final selection process is being completed,” Marape said.
“By the next cabinet meeting when Department of Personnel Management (DPM) will bring the list to us, we should have a permanent appointment soon.”
Robert Kennedy has been acting CMO since 2019, after Solomon Kantha’s appointment as CMO was revoked because it was deemed illegal and as there was a breach in the appointment process under the annulled Public Service (Management) Act 2014, and the Regulatory Statutory Authorities (Appointment to Certain Offices) Act 2014, and its Regulations.
Minister for Immigration and Border Security Westley Nukundj, at the time, said Kantha was not on the shortlist of candidates recommended by the ministerial executive appointment committee.
According to details received, the Public Services Commission had completed its review and assessment of five candidates that were shortlisted last November.
However, another two names were submitted which were endorsed by the commission.
The commission took note of the report on each candidate furnished by the DPM pre-screening committee and submitted them in order of preference.
From the seven, three names were shortlisted. The names were submitted in a letter to the Minister for Public Service Joe Sungi, Marape and Nukundj.

One thought on “CMO appointment soon: PM

  • PM JM, Robert Bara Kenndney was acting on this position for more than. 2 yrs so why not give it to him pls Pm JM.
    He is young God fearing leader who can do the better job for the best of this country, to make PNG the black rich country on planet earth, you need young man like Robert to work under your leadership to bring this country forward because he fears nobody but God of Israel. He has done it for the last 2 years and I know he will do it again without fear or fever under your God fearing leadership to take back PNG to the next level.
    JM May God Mighty of Israel will Bless your leadership for choosing the right people to take back PNG. to the next level not on this only but the CEOS that you ve appointed and also yet to appoint in the near future.

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