Co-op model eyed to give plantations new life


Rundown crop plantations in the country will be revived using the co-operative society’s model, a cabinet minister says.
Minister for Commerce and Industry Wera Mori said under the endorsement of the Prime Minister through the national plantation management agencies, commodity crop plantations would be rehabilitated.
“Currently we are losing about K700 million every year from plantation-based cash crops like coffee, cocoa and copra,” Mori said.
“We will support the prime minister. We will make sure that the national plantation management is revived and becomes successful.”
Mori said the ministry would push for the plantation management agency to become the stand-alone authority for all plantations in the country.
Meanwhile, Mori said the government would seek to buy shares in New Britain Palm Oil Limited.
“The state will acquire shares in NBPOL but instead of it paying cash it will free up 100,000 hectares of land to NBPOL,” he said.