Cocoa seedlings for farmers


West New Britain’s agriculture and livestock division has delivered 40,000 cocoa seedlings to growers this month.
WNB advisor for agriculture and livestock, Mark Lebong said the division had purchased 14 cocoa driers of which nine are still under construction.
Three will go to Kaliai, one to Amio and another to Kandrian.
“Cocoa driers will be given to cooperatives but farmers who own big blocks of cocoa farms will receive a cocoa drier,” Lebong said.
Lebong thanked the Kandrian District Chief Executive Officer and the Talasea District for their support and accommodation of their cocoa and coconut development plans.
He said the division also collected 4000 dry coconuts to be nurtured at their main nursery at Kapore.
He said other LLGs in the province have coconut plantations, except Central Nakanai LLG.
“Our main focus now is Central Nakanai LLG,” Lebong said.
The 4000 dry coconuts are local toll and not hybrids. Preference was given to the local toll because it had grown accustomed and adapted well with the local environment, it grew well, and produced good coconuts. Another feature is its durability or economic span of producing coconuts continuously.

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