Colgate-Palmolive on cholera awareness drive

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WITH the ongoing cholera outbreak in Morobe province, a team of volunteers from Colgate-Palmolive Ltd in Lae took the initiative to conduct cholera awareness and distribute soap in 16 locations around the city.
The awareness was conducted last week.
The awareness and distribution of soaps were also carried out at settlements including cholera outbreak hot spots like Papuan compound, West Taraka, Bumbu and Four-Mile.
The awareness included theatrical plays on cholera, demonstration on how to wash hands, pamphlets on cholera and proper hygiene habits.
One of the volunteers, an engineer with Colgate-Palmolive, Quill Balen said they also handed out 3,600 bars of Klina soap during the awareness.
He said more than 11,000 people had attended the cholera awareness and they were confident that most of them would then educate their families on the disease and to practice proper hygiene.
Mr Quill said as a company, Colgate-Palmolive Ltd had also donated 5,760 pieces of Protex soap to the provincial emergency response team.
As precautionary step and a work place safety measure, the company has been running weekly cholera awareness for its employees.
All the employees have also been given a free bar of soap and a bottle of detergent once a week.
The company also has an internal emergency response action plan in case of cholera outbreak.