College needs govt support


THE PNG government really needs to step in to support the Australia Pacific Technical College in PNG.
At the moment the high-quality training institution is sponsored 100 per cent by the Australian government through Australian AID.
Even though they have the money to run the college,  our government really needs to step in to create more space for more students.
The training that our students get from APTC is internationally recognised with most experienced international trainers. The training syllabus, both theory and practical, and the learning environment, is of world standard.
They are much better than our universities and colleges. The learning materials, accommodation, environment and many more are the same as those of students’ in the US and Australia and I don’t want such rare institution in PNG to shut down because of government ignorance.
Forget about building new colleges and universities and fund such existing institutions where we can produce quality human resource for the good of our country.
Someone from the Education Department really needs to come to the college and find out about the learning process and how the college is run and they will make improvements in other institutions around the country.

Wari Kawak,
Port Moresby

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