Commission or council, what’s the difference?


MOROBE is the largest province in the heart of Papua New Guinea.
It is made up of Menyamya, Bulolo, Huon Gulf, Markham, Nawae, Finschaffen, Kabwum and Tewai-Siassi and has diverse cultures.
Each of the district has its own elected member of parliament, plus the Governor.
Morobe has potential to grow in mining, fishing, agriculture and tourism and is best known as an industrial hub but receives very little of what it generates.
On the issue of the Lae City Commission, there needs to be better information and discussion.
The people of Lae and Morobe need to be properly educated on it.
We should learn from the experience of the National Capital District Commission, in Port Moresby, before we establish the Lae City Commission.
Another question is, how effective will the Lae City Commission be compared to the existing Lae City Council?
If the Lae City Commission rolls out, who is going to manage it?
How will the Commission distribute the revenue generated? Finally, there are no clear electoral boundaries separating Lae, Nawae and Huon Gulf.
If the Lae City Commission is to be rolled out, then where will the boundaries be?

Sedrick Ringwaku

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