Committee plans to address GBV


THE Special Parliamentary Committee on gender-based violence (GBV) is planning to hold public hearing this month, says committee chairman and Member for Alotau Charles Abel.
According to Abel, the hearings will be held on May 24-25 and will discuss critical issues related to addressing GBV, including:

  • EXAMINING the amount and use of funding provided by the Government to address GBV;
  • THE delay in establishing the national GBV secretariat and how to activate that body to be more effective;
  • CHALLENGES with investigating and prosecuting GBV cases across the country and how to address them; and,
  • HOW women’s reserved seats can be progressed as a strategy for ensuring women can co-lead the national GBV response.

Abel supported the use of a public hearing to help identify strong Government improvements to the national response to GBV.
He said the committee did not want these hearings be another talk-fest.

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