Communities to provide cocoa for chocolate factory


COMMUNITIES along the Hiritano Highway in Central will be growing and selling cocoa to Paradise Foods Ltd for its Queen Emma chocolate factory by end of 2022.
Paradise Foods Ltd group chief executive James Rice said ingredients for its products came from local farmers around the country and they were pleased to have locals from the Kairuku-Hiri, especially villages from Brown River to Vanapa supply them with cocoa.
“Having more local farmers supplying cocoa for Queen Emma is a big challenge for us,” Rice said.
“We want to grow the business and we need more farmers to produce and provide local (cocoa) beans.
“So we are looking forward for quality cocoa beans coming from you all.”
Rice said the company currently bought 10 tonnes of cocoa from 2,000 local farmers across the country every month for the Queen Emma chocolate factory.
He added that engaging the communities along Hiritano Highway would benefit about 10,000 people and this would mean providing direct employment to locals.
Vanapa village community leader Emmanuel Ume said the villages had fertile land and were willing to go into cash crop farming, however, direct market access was one of the major challenges they faced. Ume said a lack of adequate Government support was another challenge.
He said now that they had the market, locals would start planting and selling cocoa to Paradise Foods Ltd.
Meanwhile, project facilitator Charlie Gilichibi said the Hiritano Highway communities had the land and labour but lacked capital and entrepreneurship.
“I am providing social entrepreneurship to engage the communities and bring all the actors together so we can achieve outcomes that will benefit thousands of people including women and children,” he said.
“My goal is to provide the entrepreneurial leadership so that in five to 10 years’ time, the communities are generating upward of K30 million annually from a minimum production of 10,000 metric tonnes of cocoa,” Gilichibi said.


  • We give credit to Paradise Food.A company that’s fulfilling Govt economic policy concerning agriculture.Our people nationwide struggle to fund market for their cash crop. Many a times the middlemen capitalizes.

    We must support them(PF) by buying their products .In doing so, more jobs are created and allows Paradise food to expand buying more Cocoa beans from more growers .

    Thank you Mr James Rice and Paradise food.You are making a difference in the lives of our people.

  • This is where the Government should support 100% as per its policy in agriculture around the country. Job well done Mr. Rice

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