Community centres open new classrooms


Students of Mercy Care and The Reaper community learning centres in Erima and Morata 4 in the National Capital District were delighted to be visited by Digicel Foundation and volunteers from Digicel PNG Ltd yesterday.
The occasion saw the opening of two kapa structures (open air classrooms) for both community learning which was built through the CLC sustainability programme.
“Our CLCs are institutions that provide a space for children to develop a love for education and pursue it to the end,” Digicel Foundation chief executive Beatrice Mahuru said.
“CLCs provide programmes to encourage literacy and to give the children a fighting chance to make something of their lives.
“We are delighted to know the commencement of our Sharing the Spirit of Christmas programme ties in with the Universal Children’s Day.
“It’s imperative that our Digicel volunteers are made aware of what this special day signifies and they do their part as citizens to improve togetherness, awareness and improving children’s welfare.”
The Christmas programme has also been supported by Theodist and Paradise Foods and Beverages who had provided discounts for the gifts as well as food and drink items for the 1000-plus students.